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                                    Eastview RB Duplex Association
                    Structural Standards
                  Please submit an ARC Application Request prior to starting any work
House Exterior Paint Color/Number/Style Manufacturer
Stucco DE6143 Almond Latte Behr
Trim Wood DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 5340 Behr
Garage Door Paint
Garage Door (wood) DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 930 Behr
Garage Door (metal sectional)   DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 930 Behr
Entry Door Paint
Side entry and utility doors DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 930 Behr
House entry (natural) Original varnish color Not specified
House entry (painted) DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 930 Behr
Stamped Concrete Paint
Dark Cherry S170-7 Dark Cherry Mocha Base 930 Behr
Dark Brown DEA161 Wild Mustang Base 930 Behr
Garage Doors
Colonial style metal sectional Raynor dark brown Raynor (by ADS)
Windows (optional) Raynor dark brown (frame) Raynor (by ADS)
Stockton Colonial style Clear glass only
Roof Tiles
Red Clay Tiles "S" Style U. S. Tile
Mixed Blends:  20% Fire Flashed, 20% Terracotta and 60% El Camino
Red concrete tiles Regal "S" style Hanson
Mixed blends: San Marcos R 567 with Terracotta interspersed
ARC requests are not required for painting when using colors specified.
When purchasing paint, specify color/number and use e.g. exterior, metal garage door, concrete, etc.
To prevent peeling on concrete, clean surface thoroughly according to directions on the container.
Equivalent manufacturers products may be utilized when approved by the ARC.
Approvals shall be made on a per case basis.
Discounts - Eastview Residents
Discount to be determined
Home Depot Escondido, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway
See HomeDepot.com for store hours and locations
4-10% (based on Quantity ordered) at ADS for Raynor sectional garage doors
7550 Miramar Rd., Suite #630          858.695.0704
12 Aug 2015

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